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Posted on 05-26-2017

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Position: Doctor of Chiropractic

About Dr. Rob!

Hometown: Lake Ann, MI

My Family: I’m married to Jodi (my high school sweetheart) and we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. We have two children, a son named Mason who is six and a daughter named Brenna who is almost 3. We have a Frug (French Bulldog - Pug mix) named Wally, a  miniature horse named Pumpkin, and 6 chickens.

Hobbies / Interest: My biggest interest is my family, I love spending time with them. During the summer we enjoy fishing the many small inland lakes in the area, going for hikes and plan to do some camping this summer. In the winter we like to hit up incredible mo’s, play outside in the snow and whatever else we can find to stay active. Some of my favorite days are when we just hang around our house and play/work out in the yard. When not spending time with family, I am an avid hunter - my favorite type of hunting is for whitetail deer, especially during archery season. My other hobbies include reading and learning - I love to learn about anything. I also enjoy traveling and anything that gets my adrenaline going. I’m a total adrenaline junky!

Something most people don’t know about me: Oh man, I feel like I have several good ones. The one most people don’t know is that I was the Valedictorian of my class at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the oldest and most respected college in the profession. In addition, I grew up on a horse farm where we had up to as many as 46 horses of our own when we were at our most. Another fun fact is that I was a 911 dispatcher for several years while going to college. I have a few others that are interesting but think I’ll save some for another time.  

Your favorite thing about working at Grand Traverse Family Chiropractic: Serving patients and improving their quality of life.

Most memorable patient story: There are so many stories that I love. I can’t pick just one that is most memorable or my favorite. I think that’s what I love most about chiropractic care - it has so many benefits and so much to offer each of us.

One story that is pretty unique and that comes to mind because it goes WAY beyond just neck or back pain is a patient who was struggling with lichen planus (an autoimmune condition) that causes raised red spots on the hands, tongue and feet. She had seen a couple dermatologists and after medications and creams failed she was told no relief would be found and it would just have to run its course. She had accepted she would have to deal with it. The condition typically lasts 6 months to a year and a half and then some people have relapses off and on for the rest of their life. This was especially difficult because she was a closing agent and very embarrassed of her hands and the interaction with new people. After hearing a lecture I did, she decided to give chiropractic care a try as a last ditch effort. Well, after a consult and exam, we discovered she had a significant misalignment of her Atlas, the first and highest bone in the neck that the head rests on. Although each vertebra surrounds delicate nerves and spinal cord, this is an area of the spine that has a very significant and intricate relationship with the nervous system and often, misalignment can cause neurological dysfunction. So a specific adjustment was made to correct this misalignment and the morning after her first adjustment she had a 75% reduction in the bumps and symptoms. She returned two days later for a follow up and again saw improvement. After two weeks, she had no signs that the condition had ever occurred. I love this story because it shows how far reaching an adjustment can be because of influence on the nervous system, which controls and regulates every function of the body. I also like this story because it made such a big difference in her self confidence and comfort while doing her job and being around people. Interestingly enough, there is no specific “lichen planus adjustment” and I can’t say that chiropractic or spinal misalignment is the cure or cause for all occurrences but what I can say is when you find a misalignment, fix it and let the body work, it’s pretty amazing what is possible.

For more information about Dr. Rob and Grand Traverse Family Chiropractic please visit them on the web at www.grandtraversefamilychiro.com and “like” their Facebook page www.facebook.com/grandtraversefamilychiro

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